UK’s first electric bus training course launches

Nottingham Community Transport and its trading arm CT4N have teamed up with Midland Transport Training to pioneer and launch the first electric bus training course in the UK.

The course will guide operators on all aspects of their use, value and efficiency.

The bespoke CPC module, which will be available from 1 April, will cover: 

  • How to regenerate batteries successfully to perpetuate longer battery life
  • Overcoming range anxiety 
  • Hazard perception 
  • Fast and slow charging of batteries
  • Environmental issues and benefits 
  • Carrying out daily checks 
  • Charging safety rules 
  • The future of electric buses.

Tony Oldham, Operations Director for CT4N, says: “This course will not only fully address our current training needs on the ground and our Drivers’ CPC requirements, but it will be a motivating and game-changing educational resource for drivers everywhere.” 

The course is said to “highlight the future” that electric buses have in cities and, as many areas are set to adopt low emission zones, the range of electric buses is forever increasing and their role.

The electric bus is seen as a sustainable, lower-cost alternative to diesel with a range of benefits particularly for the environment – reducing noise pollution, improving air quality – and saving in fuel costs.