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MiniPlus Article
April 04 2018
By Mel Holley

A former routeone editor, Mel has more than 30 years’ experience in road and rail transport journalism.

CheckedSafe to reveal free upgrades

Compliance company CheckedSafe is to unveil three new features - Compliance Management, Fleet Maintenance and an Earned Recognition Dashboard - to benefit new and existing clients with no additional cost.

By using CheckedSafe operators can make the move to a digital system, save money and ensure compliance with the undertaking they gave on the grant of their licence.

The availability of vehicle checks and maintenance logs, retained in the Dedicated Digital Vehicle (DDV) file, can be crucial.

This will allow a transport manager or engineer to understand the current status of all aspects of a vehicle in full detail, which in turn leads to increased efficiency in making repairs and a subsequent reduction in downtime.

It is vital that all paperwork relating to inspections, preventative maintenance, registrations, insurance policies are easily accessible. The fleet maintenance system will make sure you never miss a key date.

The data captured or uploaded is recorded/stored in the DDV file where you can view past and upcoming inspection details, schedule and plan ad hoc inspections or document an unplanned service inspection.

CheckedSafe Director Darran Harris says: “Our vision has always been to simplify compliance with innovation.

“Adding these modules to our current offering is logical and beneficial for our clients. The challenge was to retain the price point of £1 per week and I am delighted to say we achieved that aim.”

The new system will be launched at the Commercial Vehicle Show.

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