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August 08 2018
By Jessica Barton

Jessica writes for routeone, Group Tourism & Travel, and is the Editor of Coach Drivers Club News

Formal warning over punctuality

The Traffic Commissioner for Wales, Nick Jones, has issued a formal warning to Stagecoach in South Wales after a Public Inquiry.

Mr Jones received reports that the service on two bus routes (Cardiff to Graig y Rhacca and Cardiff to Senghenydd) was “wholly inadequate”.

However, he noted that successive monitoring of the routes had resulted in a clear improvement.

In a written decision issued after two hearings, Mr Jones says: “I am satisfied that this is an operator that has sought to address the problems identified, some of which were relatively unusual.

“I remind myself that the operator has had a large number of registered services in the area, most are not to my knowledge the cause of any significant complaint.”

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