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July 11 2017
By Mel Holley

Mel is the Editor at routeONE magazine. He has more than 30 years’ experience in road and rail transport journalism.

Girl killed in minicoach crash

A collision between a refuse lorry and a Plaxton Cheetah on Friday (7 July) killed Holly Brown, 14, and injured three teachers and the driver.

Operated by Bagnalls of Swadlincote, Staffordshire, the 29-seater was hit on the rear offside by a refuse lorry that pulled out onto the A38 in north Birmingham.

Witnessed praised the Bagnall’s driver’s quick reactions, avoiding further casualties.

It is said that all on board were wearing their seatbelts. Pictures show damage to the lorry’s front nearside corner.

The pupils, from a school in Staffordshire were on their way to Birmingham's Botanical Gardens and Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

Yet another truck driver showing contempt for coaches
Yet another truck driver showing contempt for coaches

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