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October 11 2017
By Beth Hutson

A journalism graduate, Beth writes for routeone and Group Tourism & Travel magazines

Big impact marketing without a big budget

You can run the most efficient business in the world, but without effective marketing it will be unlikely to achieve its full potential and create the returns it ought to

At this year’s show, Stagecoach South West’s Helen Scholes (pictured) and former MD of Epsom Coaches Steve Whiteway took to The Theatre stage to offer visitors an insight into affordable marketing that doesn’t compromise on quality or potential reach.

Ms Scholes focused on big impact without big budget – the main message was the importance of building trust and partnerships that help you to extend your audience. In the age of technology, fast communication was also outlined – and the need to keep staff informed to in turn keep passengers informed.

Listing various marketing methods, Ms Scholes explained that sometimes the low tech, and thus low cost, methods are the best – good reviews and word of mouth still have an important part to play in increasing recognition and driving ticket sales.

Mr Whiteway discussed how vital getting the basics right is – and having a well-functioning website is at the heart of this. From a coach perspective, making it easy for people to find you and hire you is essential, and prompt responses can mean the difference between winning or losing contracts.

Personal touches were also emphasised. From something as simple as reconfirming bookings via an email or phone call, Mr Whiteway explained how it’s these small things that make big impacts in terms of potential success.

At the core of the seminar was an emphasis on knowing your audience, making the most of what’s out there and becoming an integral part of your community – all possible without breaking the bank.

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