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November 07 2018
By James Rudman

Betterez targets UK market in
European expansion drive

Betterez is looking to bring airline reservation system-type capabilities into the UK intercity coach and bus market through its cloud-based software-as-a-service reservations and ticketing management platform.

Mike Van Horn, Vice President, Sales, Betterez

The Toronto-based company made its UK exhibition debut at Euro Bus Expo 2018, having been established in 2011 and seen investment in it last year by travel partners Amadeus Ventures and JetBlue Technology Ventures. Its main product is reservations for scheduled bus operators like Greyhound and scheduled operators in North America.

“Our founder comes from the airline industry. So really, we wanted to bring a lot of things like the revenue management, advance pricing, loyalty programmes, bring a lot of those technologies that have been in airline and some degree train into the bus industry,” says Mike Van Horn, Vice President Sales with Betterez.

“We are very much expanding globally and Western Europe is definitely part of that plan. Our market is more the city-to-city or scheduled airport shuttles, things of that nature.”

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