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December 05 2018
By Martin Dean

The Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) President for 2019, Martin Dean has been Managing Director of Bus Development of Go-Ahead Group PLC since July 2008.

He leads and acts as a focal point for all bus development activity throughout Go-Ahead Group, assists with the development of bus policy and strategy and provides additional group resources for its bus companies.

He joined Go-Ahead in 2008 from First Group, where he was Business Development Director of the UK Bus Division, and served as its Project Director for Commercial.

He held roles at National Express. Mr Dean began his career with London Transport.

A step in the right direction

What its members think and how they want to be represented is at the very heart of CPT’s consultation

As we keep our fingers crossed that politicians find a way forward for an orderly exit from the EU, CPT's very own crossroads moment is fast approaching with the completion of the consultation process for the 'Big Five’ proposal for a reorganisation of the way CPT conducts itself as the coach and bus industry's trade body.

Confederation of Passenger Transport plans its next move

Interim Chief Executive Peter Gomersall and I have been touring the country meeting members and seeking their views to establish what members want CPT to be, how it should represent our industry and the best way to organise it to achieve these objectives.

Details provided

It is against this background that I was interested to read Westminster Watcher's column in routeone last week.

Westminster Watcher suggests that the consultation paper that accompanied the process itself lacked detail and analysis giving rise to concerns that it is difficult to scrutinise whether the proposals will deliver the expected outcomes.

It's important to point out that the document was accompanied by a set of slides at our consultation meetings that went into further detail and that both the document itself and the roadshow presentation contained a detailed organisation chart showing the proposed future structure.

There has also been a number of detailed meetings and consultations along the way where members have fed in their inputs beginning with the council meeting in September where the proposals were first aired.

Members at centre

Westminster Watcher also expresses a concern that key stakeholders, like Department for Transport, will want to understand what the proposed structure will deliver in terms of improving CPT's performance.

Where possible, we have been keeping key stakeholders informed, but it is important to emphasise this is first and foremost a member consultation.

Our members have their fingers on the pulse and it is how we harness that knowledge that will be important as we move forward.

Desire for change

One of the interesting aspects that has come out of the process in this respect is a level of misunderstanding as to how policy development and the ability to influence our positions flows up and down the organisation.

Our hope is that the revised structure will help the organisation work more effectively, be more inclusive and encourage democratic and transparent decision making.

I do recognise there was some unease at the way the proposal emerged and that might have caused trust and transparency issues, but that doesn't take away the desire for change and I would like to thank all of those CPT members who have helped us to move the proposal forward.

Westminster Watcher concludes that if the proposal is approved they hope that CPT goes from strength to strength, which is a sentiment I think we all agree with and I have genuine confidence we have a structure that will make CPT fit for purpose for the future.

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