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October 30 2018
By James Rudman

PickMeUp expanding to meet demand

Oxford Bus Company highlights an “encouraging step forward” for its new ride-sharing service

Passenger demand has led Oxford Bus Company to expand its PickMeUp ride-sharing service.

The operator is boosting its fleet of PickMeUp vehicles to eight by placing an order for two new ultra-low emission Euro 6 Mercedes minibuses, which will have tables, comfortable seating, wi-fi and luggage space.

Seven new staff members have been recruited as part of Oxford Bus Company’s investment in the service. PickMeUp offers an app that enables passengers in eastern Oxford to request a pick-up with a minibus going to the nearest safe collection point before travelling to a bespoke destination and journeys are matched with others wanting to make similar trips to allow ride-sharing.

Other new enhancements include PickMeUp’s weekend service receiving a boost from 28 October with operating hours rising by six hours on a Saturday to run 0700-0000hrs, while Sunday operating has been extended by two-and-a-half hours to 0900-2100hrs.

The weekday service remains the same at 0600-2300hrs in the PickMeUp-covered eastern arc of Oxford, which includes the city centre, the railway station, the Science Park, Oxford Business Park, three hospitals, two park and ride sites, the University Science Area and Brookes University.

A PickMeUp weekly pass has been launched that offers four journeys daily, seven days a week, for £25. The £2.50 per trip introductory fare is still being charged with a £2.50 surcharge if a journey could be made on an existing Oxford Bus Company bus route and the walk is 200 metres or less.

“PickMeUp is a new innovative service and we are continuing to adapt and develop the offering based on passenger trends and feedback,” says Phil Southall (pictured), Managing Director of the Oxford Bus Company.

“It’s another encouraging step forward for PickMeUp during its trial phase.”

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