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June 19 2019
By The routeone team

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Driver CPC needs to be modified
to be fit for purpose

I came across a YouTube video of a European Parliament debate about the initial qualification and periodic training of drivers of certain road vehicles and driving licence held last March (

There are many who agree that the Driver DCPC should be scrapped.

Not being one of them, I believe it is imperative that it is modified to be fit for purpose in reducing road casualties which currently averages five every day. A quarter are vocational workers.

Poor enactment and provision have damaged the credibility of the scheme from introduction.

The regulators need to start asking drivers how to improve the qualification to make it attractive and useful.

Success is required in engaging hearts and minds in both the DCPC and improving road safety.  

The dictatorial, punitive approach is failing.

Trevor Coltman

Absolute rubbish a poor driver will remain poor
Gary Neale

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