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January 30 2019
By The routeone team

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Many issues in transport that need addressing

I was saddened to hear that Thirsk operator John Smith and Sons has ceased trading [routeone/News/23 January]. I think the firm is the fifth coach operator to cease trading in that area.

It goes to show that the ‘bread and butter’ school runs just won't support the overheads.

The operator cites growing regulatory factors as one of the reasons for the business becoming financially unviable.

Regulations have undoubtedly become more stringent over the years, but it is a necessary evil to ensure compliance and overall road safety.  

In my spare time I try to help those campaigning for better pay and conditions for vocational drivers and improving safety.

Tom Kearney is doing well with his Transport for London campaign to help reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the Capital’s streets. His work may lead to improvements in safety throughout road transport. It is clear to me that costs are currently overriding safety.

Frances Molloy has also done well with the Tyred campaign and BUSK’s Pat Harris is steadfast in the campaign for improving rest for coach drivers on tour.

I try to avoid tilting at windmills but there are so many issues in transport that need to be addressed.

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