PSVAR in coaches: Operators share their thoughts

PSVAR is a hot topic, particularly for coach operators. But for those same businesses it is also highly divisive. Some believe it is overkill...
PSVAR in coaches

PSVAR: Fare payers removed to bring compliance

Staffordshire County Council (SCC) will no longer permit fare-paying passengers on its contracted school services after the October half term. That will bring them...
Translink Sunsundegui SB5

Translink takes 30 tri-axle B11R Sunsundegui SC5s

State-owned Northern Ireland operator Translink has added a batch of 30 accessible Sunsundegui SC5-bodied Volvo B11R tri-axle coaches to its Goldline scheduled operation. The 14.3m...
LDV EV80 Main Pic

LDV EV80: Courtside Conversions’ Nottingham Partnership

Courtside Conversions is one of the first converters in the UK to offer a lightweight conversion on the new electric LDV EV80. Five have...

PSVAR – where are the statistics?

While I am sure we all understand and recognise the need for PSVAR compliance – and there are areas of transport where it surely...

Kent CC boosts minibus efficiency with QRoutes

Kent County Council (KCC) has transformed the efficiency of its special education needs (SEN) minibus services thanks to software from QRoutes that optimises efficiency...
PSVAR compliance

‘Society cannot afford forced PSVAR compliance’

I am at a loss to find any responsible reason behind the PSVAR legislation, which is covered with gold-plated cobwebs. To implement it now...
Response to Fishers Tours on PSVAR exemptions

Response to Fishers Tours on PSVAR exemptions

I will begin with school contracts. When tendering for these, did you build in the cost of PSVAR compliance and increase your cost point accordingly? If...

Will the government make bus stops PSVAR compliant?

This is the text of a letter that I have sent to the Department for Transport (DfT) regarding PSVAR on home-to-school services: I have sent...

PSVAR: Could another solution work?

  If the Minister of Transport expects compliance on PSVAR, would there be a possibility of his department looking at an alternative idea? In the year...
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Spit kit with bus drivers

Spitting at bus drivers being tackled in West Midlands

People caught spitting at a bus drivers or passengers in the West Midlands are increasingly likely to face jail sentences thanks to work by...

Obituary – Douglas Bailey MBE

The UK Bus Driver of the Year Association (BDoY) has announced the death of Douglas Bailey MBE, one of its longest serving council members. Douglas...
CBSSG Restart

CBSSG Restart funding details revealed by DfT

The Department for Transport (DfT) has outlined the terms and conditions of its £254m COVID-19 Bus Service Support Grant (CBSSG) Restart package. CBSSG Restart will...