Stagecoach South tallies up £59,406 total for NHS appeal

Stagecoach South NHS Charities 59k

Stagecoach South is the latest Stagecoach subsidiary to declare its total donations from the exact fare scheme, which has tallied up £59,406 in overpayments made between May 2020 and April.

The exact fares scheme was announced at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce cash handling on Stagecoach services and protect staff. Excess change accrued from cash overpayments is donated to the NHS Charities Together COVID-19 appeal, the official national charity partner of the NHS, where it supports staff, volunteers and patients.

“We really appreciated customers’ co-operation when the temporary exact fare scheme was in place,” says Managing Director for Stagecoach South Edward Hodgson. “Most people are now paying online or with contactless but we do recognise that some of our customers still rely on cash to pay for their journeys.

“The scheme helped to keep cash handling to a minimum during the height of the pandemic and we would like to thank everyone in helping keep both customers and drivers safe. We’re pleased to be able to donate these funds to a very worthy cause.”

Adds Ellie Orton, Chief Executive of NHS Charities Together: “We are so thankful to Stagecoach South for its incredible donation using excess change during lockdown, while keeping its cash handling to a minimum during the peak of the pandemic.

“All money raised will go towards supporting our NHS staff, volunteers and patients both practically and emotionally, now and in the longer term as the NHS recovers from the most challenging time in its history.”