The Kings Ferry to withdraw all commuter coach services

The Kings Ferry to withdraw all Kent commuter services

The Kings Ferry will cease operating all of its commuter services between Kent and London after 24 December. The operator, part of National Express Transport Solutions (NETS), says that the decision has been made “with much regret,” but adds that it has “exhausted all options in trying to make this part of the business work.” 

Withdrawal of the services will mark an end to The Kings Ferry’s involvement with Kent to London commuter movements after almost 40 years in the sector. 

NETS Managing Director – South East Region Ian Fraser says: “This has been an incredibly difficult decision to make and has not been taken lightly. The ongoing challenges created by COVID-19 have reduced demand to such an extent that means our services are not commercially viable and [are] unlikely to become so in the near future.” 

Mr Fraser adds that should travel patterns change in the longer term, the operator will examine ways to reintroduce the commuter services “on a more viable footing.” There are currently no plans for that work, however.

The nine services currently in operation gained flexible ticketing options in March to accommodate what NETS was the ‘new normal’ way of working. That was based on customer feedback. At the time, NETS said it looked forward to continuing to provide the commuter services “for years to come.” 

NETS has confirmed that withdrawal of The Kings Ferry commuter services has no impact on any private hire, corporate and contract work.