Alpine Travel Fflecsi

Alpine Travel has been awarded the contract for the new Conwy Valley demand responsive Fflecsi pilot. It was launched on 9 November in partnership with Conwy Borough Council and Transport for Wales and replaces several fixed bus routes in the area.

Fflecsi has fixed start and end points but it can adjust its route to pick up and drop off passengers anywhere in a designated zone. Journeys are booked either via an app or by phone.

Says Alpine Travel Managing Director Chris Owens: “We are delighted to have secured this Fflecsi contract, which will transform public transport in the rural areas of Conwy Valley. We are pleased to work with Conwy Borough Council and Transport for Wales on this scheme and we look forward to once again supporting the community.”

Trials of the Fflecsi concept has been rolled out in several areas of both North and South Wales. In Cardiff, where NAT Group operates Fflecsi G1 with an Optare Solo, the service has generated “immense positive feedback” according to the operator.

In addition to the existing Fflecsi pilots, Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport Lee Waters told the Senedd on 20 October that the concept is likely to be rolled out on two routes in Blaenau Gwent. The existing service in Newport is also scheduled for expansion.

While the Fflecsi network is a pilot, Mr Waters added at the same time that an “aspiration for having a network of small, electric minibuses… picking up people at times that suit them to take them to places they want to go is exactly what we are working towards.”