Coach shuttles for employees ‘contribute to green objectives’

Bakers Dolphin MD Max Fletcher promoting corporate coach shuttles

Businesses must recognise the benefits that corporate coach shuttles for employees can bring to urban air quality, carbon emissions and congestion, operator Bakers Dolphin has said.

Managing Director Max Fletcher (pictured) has called on companies based in Bristol’s Clean Air Zone – due to be introduced in summer 2022 – to examine the introduction of such dedicated transport against their environmental targets. The operator has formed a corporate division to support businesses in the area with any such transport needs.

Mr Fletcher says that “the landscape of the workplace has totally changed” but adds that there is an opportunity for shared transport to be provided to suit employers. “That will have the effect of cutting the number of vehicles on the road, cleaning the air and supporting the businesses towards their own emission reduction targets,” he notes.

Mr Fletcher adds that “the days of one person to a car and major rush hour jams need to end.” While work on the attractiveness of other modes to change travel habits has been undertaken, he questions whether the contribution that can be made by coaches “has been ignored.”

Bakers Dolphin, like other operators, has vast experience in conveying large numbers of people to one place through its home-to-school network, he continues. That approach can be translated to staff movements to city centre office- or retail-based points of employment, Bakers Dolphin believes.