Assisi Travel takes a Volvo B8R Plaxton Panther

A new vehicle for Assisi Travel is a B8R with Plaxton Panther bodywork, supplied by Volvo Bus (02476 210250).

The 57-seater is the second coach purchased from Volvo Bus by the Salisbury operator in 18 months.

The B8R’s fuel economy, along with availability of parts for both the body and the chassis, were behind the decision to go with the combination, says Director Kevin Tedd.

“We were looking for value for money with low running costs, excellent residuals and the back-up that our customers, and ourselves, expect.

“The B8R chassis and the Plaxton body mean that parts are readily available, either through our local agent MC Truck and Bus, Volvo in Loughborough or the Plaxton parts network.”