Fourth DAF-power Irizar integral for Chandlers

The new coach joins three other Irizar integrals: Two i6s and one i8

Westbury, Wiltshire-based Chandlers Coach Travel has added another i6 integral, supplied by Irizar UK (01909 500514).

It is the fourth members of Irizar’s DAF-powered integral range to join the operator’s fleet and it will be used on touring, day trips and private hire.

It has Irizar UK’s standard high specification, to which Chandlers has added USB charging points for every passenger.

“We have bought another Irizar integral because we like the DAF engine, and we like to standardise our fleet,” says Owner Margaret l’Anson.

“That said, drivers also like the i6 and i8 integrals, and our passengers react to them with a ‘wow’ when they arrive.

“On top of that, we find Irizar UK to be very efficient.”