Whitelaws begins major purchase of Volvo B8RLE MCV Evora

Whitelaws Volvo B8RLE MCV Evora

Stonehouse operator Whitelaws had added six B8RLEs with 10.8m MCV Evora bodywork, supplied by Volvo Bus. Six more were to follow in 2021, eight in 2022 and one in 2023. The operator’s entire fleet will be sourced from Volvo at the conclusion of those deliveries.

Says Director Sandra Whitelaw: “We are delighted with our new vehicles, and we are sure that they will deliver a safe and pleasant environment for our valued customers.”

The B8RLE is “a matured, tried, tested and reliable chassis” that she adds “offers us a robust chassis to deliver our services across what is a very mixed operating environment. In its Euro VI format, the product has achieved low carbon certification, which was a must for our business.”