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uTrack provides the digital tools, innovation and expertise that enable public transport companies across the world to improve their businesses and deliver more targeted, reliable services that meet the demands of whole communities by growing passenger ridership, loyalty and satisfaction with the latest generation of real-time passenger information technology.
Clients include small privately held companies to large plc’s such as National Express, First Group and Go-Ahead.

We take data and transform it into actionable insight that delivers commercial value to public transport operators and better journey experiences for their passengers. Our solutions allow clients to use that data more effectively to make the here and now of operating a public transport network better. We help companies identify ways to increase passenger numbers, boost driver engagement, improve communication, optimise routes, and drive up vehicle efficiency across networks.

Public transport operators collect data everyday from vehicles, ticketing systems, telematics, driver duty-management systems, and passengers across vast networks. Using cutting edge software engineering, uTrack consolidates these numerous data sources into a single, user-friendly platform. This transforms huge volumes of disjointed information into highly customisable, accurate and actionable insight.

Building this complete picture of the businesses network not only informs faster real-time decision-making, but also provides accurate predictions that evaluate every impact of future strategies.

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