Allison raises possibility of nine-speed bus ‘box

Existing six-speed range (pictured) may be replaced by nine-ratio units

Allison revealed early details of the nine-speed gearbox that it plans to introduce in 2020 at Busworld, and there is a possibility that it will come to the UK’s lightweight bus market if manufacturers want it.

“We are still to decide whether to continue with the established six-speed models (pictured), but the nine-speed will definitely be available to OEMs,” says Director EMEA Marketing Thomas Bonnicel.

Although nine ratios may be overkill in urban bus work, benefits include shorter gear steps, stop-start compatibility and earlier engagement of the lockup clutch, adds Mr Bonnicel.

“City buses are not the core target but there would certainly be efficiencies in that market.”

Maximum input torque of the new model will be 1,200Nm.