The return of the IRTE Skills Challenge this summer means another opportunity for coach and bus technicians and apprentices to demonstrate their talent on the big stage. 

Longterm competition sponsor Shell hopes that young engineers choose to pursue careers in engineering, so continues to support initiatives that play an important role in nurturing the next generation of engineering talent. 

Drew Stinton, Shell Lubricants Technical Coach, says: “The Skills Challenge competition is an important part of how Shell works to encourage young talent to pursue careers in the transport industry. By participating in events such as the IRTE Skills Challenge we hope to inspire talented individuals to continue developing their engineering skills. 

“The Challenge gives coach and bus technicians the opportunity to test their know-how on the latest technology, much of which is generously provided by competition sponsors.” 

In 2020 Shell announced its ambition to become a net-zero emissions business by 2050. The company has set an interim target of 30% for 2035 and aims to increase its commitment to renewable electricity. 

“Becoming a net-zero emissions energy business is a huge task,” adds Mr Stinton. The business plans we have today will not get us there. So, our plans must change over time. As the biggest supplier of lubricants in the world, Shell Lubricants has a large part to play in delivering this target. 

“There is an ongoing need to balance increased operational output with reduced environmental impact. And as demands evolve, expectations change too. Customers and consumers alike now expect brands to offer sustainable solutions that make it easier for them to make sustainable choices.” 

The skills of engineers are now becoming more vital than ever in the road transport sector; that is why Shell is investing so heavily in enterprises that ensure engineers are fully supported in the early stages of their careers. 

“Engineers and scientists have revolutionised our world, from communications through to healthcare. Their skills are also essential to meeting the world’s energy demand while reducing carbon emissions. To sustain innovation and growth, the UK needs to double the number of people becoming engineers and so Shell has several programmes and initiatives that support the next generation of engineers,” Mr Stinton says. 

The IRTE Skills Challenge takes place this summer at the S&B Automotive Academy in Bristol.

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