Checkpoint wheel nut indicators to go biodegradable

Wheel nut indicators produced by Checkpoint are expected to wholly transition to a fully biodegradable version called Bio-Checkpoint by the end of 2021, the supplier has announced.

It has spent two years “testing and retesting” components that would make its products biodegradable. The new versions will maintain existing manufacturing quality, Checkpoint says.

The biodegradable wheel nut indicators will continue the existing practice of being available in any colour to suit the customer. They enable drivers to perform an easy check for wheel nut movement and they also melt at a specific temperature to highlight excess wheel temperature owing to brake or bearing problems.

Says Checkpoint CEO Mike Marczynski: “30 years ago, we were the pioneers of the world’s first loose nut indicators. Now we are continuing to lead the vehicular industry sectors by relaunching our already recyclable Checkpoint products as biodegradable. This is a landmark moment for us, our clients and the industry.

“We have always had visual safety and preventative maintenance at the core of our business. For some time now, we have wanted to do better for the environment, and today marks our commitment to do that globally.”

Checkpoint sells 17m products per year to over 65 countries, which represents 200 tonnes of plastic.