Omni-tech: High customer service; top quality products

With years of experience in the coach and bus industry, operators can rest assured knowing their vehicle’s parts are in safe hands with Omni-tech Electronics

If there’s one thing the industry prides itself on, it’s good customer service. Being a customer-facing industry, without good quality service, businesses could pay a tough price. As the saying goes, the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. Derbyshire-based electronics firm Omni-tech Electronics is passionate about the value of high-quality customer service.

“The key thing for us is customer service. That is number one priority,” says Steve Rogerson, Managing Director.

“In any area of business, the product could be great, but with poor customer service, it’s just not going to work.”

Pays to enquire

When it comes to buying brand-new, operators should enjoy three worry-free years. The OEM should rectify any faults in that time under warranty – but what happens when no warranty is offered?

Chris Watson, General Manager, explains: “What we are seeing is that the throwaway culture that we’ve been living in is starting to shift; towards concern about recycling and energy-saving environmental impacts, which is where Omni-tech can help.”

Metaphorically speaking, Chris says operators are looking at spending up to £4,500 for a new ECU, whereas Omni-tech can repair certain ones for 10% of that price.

So, if an operator can afford to be without a vehicle for a day or two (parts generally spend a couple of days in the workshop – more complex jobs may take a bit longer) then it could be beneficial to enquire with Omni-tech first.

“If it’s not an absolute burden to down a vehicle, then we should have a look at it; you could effectively be saving quite a substantial amount of money compared to buying a new product.”

Low downtime

The business will supply and repair electrical components for coaches and buses, repairing parts for both the vehicle’s body and the chassis.

“The chassis is quite standard,” Steve explains. “But the body is often totally unique. It’s not as easy to transfer the knowledge from one vehicle to another, because there’s a bit of a grey area.”

When it comes to repairing parts, Omni-tech will, where possible, supply upfront – because downtime is a high priority for the firm.

“If somebody wants a product and we have it in our stock, we should have it to them the next day via a carrier.” Steve adds.

Omni-tech has already established a name for itself in the industry and regularly welcomes operators to its base.

Steve says: “Some will travel the length and breadth of Britain to come here. They will get up at 0300hrs to get here at 0700hrs, wait for us to repair the part and then they will take it back and fit it that same day.”

Specialist background

Omni-tech says that 90% of the work it carries out is for the coach and bus industry, meaning that operators can rest assured in knowing the parts are being repaired by specialists in the field.

Launched 11 years ago, the business established its bread-and-butter work locally. However, it did operate nationwide from day one.

“We went out and saw people face-to-face most of the time, but it’s slightly different now – because at that time, a lot of the problems our customers had meant you might need to be present for them to talk you through what was happening.

“Nowadays it is a bit different; with the use of diagnostic equipment, and our large but ever-increasing experience, we are often able to fault-find and provide advice over the phone. It has always been about helping customers find out what the problem is and then rectifying it for them.”

And while some things have changed, that level of service is still evident today, both with customers and staff. It is about having good relationships with people to provide the best service.


“Research and development is big for us as we move forward,” says Chris.

“We have to make sure that we are keeping up with what’s current. It’s about shared knowledge, both within Omni-tech (so the experienced technicians we have here are sharing knowledge with our apprentices) and also shared knowledge with our customers so we can deliver reliable repairs on newer technology as it enters the aftermarket.”

“By sharing our knowledge, we ensure that we continue to offer a viable repair on older units hence helping to keep older vehicles running with original parts.”

As well as developing current employees’ knowledge, Omni-tech is keen to encourage others into the industry with apprenticeships and for this it has partnered with local universities and colleges.