Two found guilty over minibus crash

Two lorry drivers have been found guilty after a minibus crash that killed eight people (routeone, News, 28 February).

David Wagstaff, 54, was found guilty of eight counts of causing death by careless driving. He had been on a hands-free phone call to a friend for an hour before and during the crash. He was on cruise-control and hit the stationary minibus at 56mph, in Lane One on the M1 in August 2017.

The court saw CCTV and heard that many other vehciles had seen the stationary vehicles and overtaken them safely.

Ryszard Masierak, 32, who was drunk and parked his lorry in lane one, was found guilty of eight counts of casuing death by dangerous driving. The court heard that he repeatedly lied, including claiming not to be the driver, and had already had his LGV licence revoked 37 days before the crash, for hours offences, but had not told his employer,

Both are to be sentenced on 23 March.

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