ADL is first bus manufacturer to join Women in Transport

Alexander Dennis (ADL) has become the first bus manufacturer to join the Women in Transport network as a corporate member.

As part of its membership ADL will sponsor the diversity and inclusion bus group, a working group which promotes the benefits of diversity and inclusion and aims to improve perceptions of the bus industry and attract a diverse workforce which represents the industry’s customer base.

Through its sponsorship ADL will provide networking and professional development opportunities for its members. Membership will be open to any ADL team member wishing to engage and provides access to events, networking opportunities, annual mentoring, a leadership development programme, and the All Party Parliamentary Group for women in transport. The group meets four times a year.

“At Alexander Dennis, we share the transport sector’s ambition to better reflect the country’s demographics in our team,” says Jacqueline Anderson, ADL Group Marketing Director. “The fantastic work done by Women in Transport resonates strongly with us and we look forward to taking an active role in this vital network.

“We encourage our team members to engage with the opportunities offered by Women in Transport, and hope they will be a further benefit as we seek to attract the skills and talent we need to lead the transition to zero-emission mobility.”

Sonya Byers, Chief Executive of Women in Transport, adds: “It’s a first for us to have a bus manufacturer join our network, and we’re really excited to meet our new members. We’re here to support our transport peers as they build their professional networks, develop their skills, and look to become the role models of the future.

“The Diversity and Inclusion Bus Group is truly collaborative and has grown so quickly in the last 18 months, so to have Alexander Dennis sponsor this group is a fantastic opportunity. The group is focused on delivering initiatives that really make a difference, and it promotes the sharing of ideas and concepts to help accelerate all aspects of diversity in the industry.”