Birmingham CAZ exemptions include Section 19 and Section 22

Birmingham CAZ exemptions list announced

Vehicles operated under Section 19 and Section 22 permits that do not comply with the requirements of the Birmingham Clean Air Zone (CAZ) will be among those that are eligible for exemptions from daily charges from when the Zone is introduced on 1 June.

Exemptions are not generated automatically. They must be applied for via the Brumbreathes website and they are issued electronically. That for vehicles that use Section 19 and Section 22 permits applies for all years that the CAZ is in place, although each exemption is issued for a period of 12 months, the application process shows.

To prove eligibility for the exemption that captures usage under Section 19 and Section 22 permits, applicants must provide the V5C for each vehicle in question along with the relevant permit. There is no requirement for the vehicle or the organisation applying to be based within the CAZ.

Commercially operated non-compliant vehicles that are eligible for a temporary exemption for 12 months from the date of commencement of the CAZ include those that are registered to a business based within the Zone. A maximum of two such exemptions may be applied for by each eligible organisation.

There is no limit on the number of applications that may be made by eligible operators to the other temporary exemption that is available to operators of non-compliant commercial vehicles. It covers those that have finance agreements that extend beyond the CAZ start date. To be eligible, the company concerned must either be based within the Zone or store or keep vehicles overnight at an address within it.

Various documents are required to prove eligibility for the latter two Birmingham CAZ exemptions. The daily charge for non-compliant coaches and buses that are not issued with an exemption permit will be £50.