Blackpool Transport introduces contactless to its buses

Blackpool Transport contactless payment introduced on buses

Blackpool Transport introduced contactless fare payment on its buses on 14 February as a further part of its customer interface improvement work. It will follow that up by extending the acceptance method to its tram fleet and rolling out ‘tap and go’ ticketing.

These developments and others represent a £750,000 investment by the municipally owned Fylde operator. Ticketer has supplied the necessary machines, which will increase security for paper and digital tickets through QR code scanning. ‘Tap and go’ ticketing will see customers automatically charged the best value fare.

Later in 2021, Blackpool Transport will use Ticketer’s technology to make available passenger counting and vehicle occupancy information, including wheelchair user bay space, via its Passenger-designed app. It will also transition drivers’ first use checks to the digital platform.

Says Managing Director Jane Cole: “We are always proud to say that we work in collaboration with industry suppliers, and this project has been an excellent example of doing that to deliver better for customers.

“The improvement work never stops, and we have plans to deliver a tram ticketing solution with Ticketer later this year. Although it has been an unusual and challenging time for the industry, standing still can never be an option if we are to make bus travel even better than before.”

Ticketer Founder John Clarfelt has paid tribute to teams at the supplier and Blackpool Transport for working together to deliver what he describes as “a complex project in normal times, let alone during COVID-19.”

The project with Ticketer involving contactless payments and more represents further work by Blackpool Transport to improve its product. In August 2020 it simplified fares and upgraded on-street information provision.