Bus Users UK launch ‘accessibility audit’ for coach and bus operators

Bus Users UK, a registered charity that campaigns for inclusive and accessible transport, is launching an ‘accessibility audit’ for coach and bus operators.

Undertaken in partnership with Disability Rights UK and the Confederation of Passenger Transport, the audit hopes to identify “what operators are currently doing and plan to do” in order to make services more accessible.

Results from the audit will then be shared with operators, passengers and the wider industry to highlights best practice and identify “gaps in provision for future development”.

“Despite the challenges facing the coach and bus industry at the moment, there is some great work being done to improve services, make them more accessible to passengers and, ultimately, get more people on board,” says Dawn Badminton-Capps, Bus Users Director for England. “We want to share this work with other operators so they can improve their own services, and make more people aware of how far coach and bus travel has come in terms of design, technology, infrastructure and staff training and awareness.

“What improves the journey for one person, improves it for everyone and by getting more people on board we can protect these vital, sustainable and accessible services for the future.”

The audit will be live until 25 March.