Busworld Europe 2021 cancelled due to ‘too many questions’

Busworld Europe 2021 cancelled

Busworld Europe 2021, planned to be held in Brussels between 9-14 October, has been cancelled. The move came after the organiser concluded that a combination of possible travel restrictions and the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on visitors’ businesses has led to “too much uncertainty.”

In announcing the cancellation, the organiser also made a pointed reference to the pace of vaccination in many countries in Europe. The promised speed of roll-out has not been met “at all,” it says, which had led to “too many question marks for exhibitors.”

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Busworld show. That its planned celebratory event to mark that has been cancelled is “a very black page” in the trade show’s history, the organiser continues. It says the decision to cancel 2021’s show has been taken with the support of Busworld’s main exhibitors.

Adds Director Busworld Europe Mieke Glorieux: “Our thoughts go out to the whole industry, which has suffered severely for over a year now.” Busworld says it welcomed visitors from 143 countries to its 2019 show in Europe, which was relocated to Brussels after a long and successful stay in Kortrijk.

The organiser has confirmed that Busworld Europe will return to Brussels from 7-12 October 2023.