Newport Bus and Cardiff Bus

Cardiff Bus and Newport Bus have collaborated to upgrade their mobile ticketing systems and provide seamless ticketing to passengers using the jointly-operated route 30 between Cardiff and Newport, without the need for multiple tickets or mobile apps.

A mobile app upgrade, which came into effect on Monday 17 May, allows customers using route 30 to use a mobile ticket on both providers’ vehicles. Valid tickets have hitherto not been recorded electronically.

The upgrade will allow the two operators to better understand journeys being made and enhance the service offering to passengers. Each uses its own app provider – Cardiff Bus works with Passenger for its app offering, while Newport Bus uses UrbanThings’ Ticketless platform.

“We are thrilled to have been able to collaborate with Newport Bus on this exciting mobile app upgrade,” says Cardiff Bus Commercial Director Gareth Stevens. “We run a successful joint service between Cardiff and Newport, and it was extremely important to us that our customers have the best possible experience while using both bus services between the two cities.”

Adds Morgan Stevens, Director of Delivery at Newport Bus: “This is an extremely exciting collaboration between Newport Bus and Cardiff Bus.

“Our joint 30 service has been a great asset to both cities, providing an important link between the two as well as serving a number of employment centres throughout the route.

“Due to the popularity of the service with both commuters and customers using leisure facilities in both cities, it is important that we continue to make improvements that will add benefit to the customer experience.”