Cardiff Bus and OmniBASE improve battery-electric scheduling efficiency

Cardiff Bus Gareth Stevens

Cardiff Bus is to use changes to Omnibus vehicle scheduling software OmniBASE to improve the scheduling efficiency of its battery-electric buses.

The changes to OmniBASE make it easier to schedule vehicles which use alternative fuels. In this case Cardiff Bus will use the software for its battery-electric vehicles.

With OmniBASE operators are able to specify alternative fuel types alongside fuel capacity and discharge rates. Data is specific to each schedule and schedulers can adjust parameters by depot and using real-world data.

New reporting provides an overview on the ability of each bus working to operate within range based on parameters as defined by the user. There are distance details on the bus graph to make editing workings easier, and the ability to provide information on driver running boards which advise the required charge needed within the battery for a trip.

Intelligence has been added to the OminiBASE link process to assess the effect that bus links have on charge levels, allowing the scheduler to select the “the pieces of work that provide the best match” and taking into account charging requirements and opportunities.

The functionality also identifies when a vehicle is being recharged and that time is converted to range, which is factored into range calculations.

“With the adoption of new fuel types, we need a partner which understands our business,” says Gareth Stevens, Commercial Director at Cardiff Bus. “Omnibus has consistently proven to be a trusted partner for us as we continue to use the latest technology to meet our zero emissions goal and investment plans for the future.”

Adds Peter Crichton, Omnibus founder: “Providing robust software solutions for the bus industry is at the core of what we do and OmniBASE achieves this by enabling operators to produce efficient and accurate vehicle schedules quickly and for all types of passenger transport.

“The new advanced functionality in the software not only improves scheduling efficiency, but it also supports operators on their journey to meet the government’s clean air targets.”