On-board charging to be transformed by Alfatronix


A new era of on-board charging will be launched next month, wireless is coming, thanks to innovation by Alfatronix.

Passengers being able to charge their electronics on public transport is seen very much as a necessity. Every day, travellers are armed with their USB wires and plugs eager to source the nearest power supply.

Ahead of its launch at this year’s Euro Bus Expo, taking place at the NEC, Birmingham, on 31 October-1 November, routeone gets the details on Alfatronix’s latest charging system.

A key mobile phone feature and greatly promoted by phone manufacturers in recent years, wireless charging is quickly set to become the norm in the smartphone world we know.

The ‘natty little box’ which transmits the wireless charge can be integrated into seat backs and tables

The launch

Some furniture outlets have integrated them into bed side cabinets and light stands, it’s only fitting that wireless charging makes its electronic footprint on the coach and bus industry.

Alfatronix, the industry’s leading manufacturers of USB chargers, voltage converters, and power supplies, has revealed its new wireless charging units are set to be demonstrated at the show.

Along with demonstrations of the wireless charging system on Alfatronix’s stand T42 in the Technology Zone, it will also be fully-functioning on a yet-to-be disclosed vehicle at the three-day event. Alongside the vehicle, Alfatronix’s wireless points will be land-based on the stand tables.


There’s not many products that passengers will not be able to charge using the gadget. From phones, watches and even earphones.

It’s available for installation on both tables and seat backs – quickly establishing itself as a universal product for wireless charging.

Those who do not have electronic devices that receive wireless charging will still be able to make use of Alfatronix’s USB charging points; both the wireless and USB points will be sold as a package to those wishing to install what is deemed a passenger essential.

It’s available for all seat manufacturers, and is currently installed on the Lazzerini console, which will also be on display at forthcoming Euro Bus Expo. Alfatronix is currently working with other seat manufacturers to offer the wireless solution.

Trust in a name

With over 40 years’ experience, Alfatronix is a name you can trust.

It works with some of the biggest operators in the field, with its USB ports being used by Stagecoach Group, National Express, Go-Ahead Group-owned Go South Coast, as well as a range of OEMs.

Speaking about the natural progression into wireless charging, Claire Phillips, Sales Director at Alfatronix, says: “We live and breathe automotive, and we understand vehicle electrics.

“For the last three years, we’ve been producing USB chargers and now we have reached poll position.  Our devices are installed on the majority of buses operating in the UK and we have strong lineage into Europe through major OEMs and operators.

“The success of those products in the coach and bus market – and our reputation of producing voltage converters – naturally led us to wireless charging.”

How it works

Don’t be fooled by the compactness of the system; it’s described as a “natty little box” which is a real powerful mechanism that is sure to leave passengers satisfied.

The example pictured here captures the charger nestled in the top of the seat (slightly peeping over the top of the phone). This Lazzerini seat features a phone holder which then transmits the charge to the phone when docked.

The Lazzerini seat console offers a docking solution, featuring both USB and wireless solutions

Although it does reduce how you can use the phone, due to it needing to be in place for a period of time, this docking style is great for when people are wanting to watch videos on their devices without draining their batteries – making it an ideal solution to on-board passenger entertainment.

Claire says: “Our wireless charging offering in the market place accepts 9-32vdc from the vehicle’s electrical system, which then converts to 5vdc to provide power to the wireless charging coil for all Qi smart devices.

“The main benefit of this latest innovation is that it provides the voltage conversion element in the one little box – it does it all.”

Both charging devices are available to operations of all sizes and include retrofitted vehicles.

The Alfatronix USB charging point is featured on many operators’ fleets

The future

It’s exciting times ahead for the coach and bus industry with the evolution of technology.

Claire predicts the majority of phones will feature wireless charging within the next five years, and with the advancements already made, passengers can expect to see the Alfatronix wireless charger on the roads from November this year.

FIND OUT MORE: www.alfatronix.com