Clearnox a solution to crystallisation in SCR units, says Total

Total UK has launched Clearnox, which it says is a solution for operators that have experienced issues with crystallisation of AdBlue in the exhaust selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system.

Clearnox is a ready-to-use urea solution. It replaces AdBlue completely and Total UK says is suitable for use in all vehicles that are fitted with SCR technology. It “guarantees an optimal spray that ensures a complete reaction, even at low temperatures, to prevent crystallisation,” adds the supplier.

Total UK points out that AdBlue crystallisation can occur when exhaust gases are not hot enough to react with it properly and so that it does not completely turn into ammonia. When that happens, cyanuric crystals can form. They may contaminate the SCR system and prevent the vehicle from functioning properly.

Clearnox has been developed by Total UK in partnership with engine and vehicle OEMs. It complies with the physical and chemical specifications in ISO 22241 standards and it ensures compliance with emission levels.

Says Heavy Duty Diesel Oil/Off-Road Channel Manager Kevin Yeadon: “The biggest concern for fleet operators is with low temperature operation, where AdBlue us not completely turned into ammonia, leading to crystallisation and costly repairs and unplanned downtime.

“The key question operators should consider is whether they are experiencing issues with crystallisation in their SCR systems. If they are, then Clearnox is the solution they need.”

Total UK says that for optimal operation, Clearnox should always be used and that the vehicle’s SCR system should be cleaned at a certified repair centre prior to the solution being introduced. It is not necessary to drain the AdBlue tank before use, however.

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