Engine bay fire suppression from Alliance TT

Company takes responsibility for Reacton sales, distribution and support in UK coach and bus sector

Alliance Transport Technologies has been appointed the UK sales, distribution and support agent in the coach and bus sector for Reacton engine bay fire suppression equipment.

The product is a dry chemical powder-based fire extinguisher. It can be retrofitted both to vehicles already equipped with engine bay fire suppression or those without it. Additionally, at least one coach OEM fits it on the production line.

Alliance takes responsibility for all parts of the supply and support process for UK buyers in the coach and bus sector, says Director Marc Haley.

That includes the work required when the system has discharged. An Alliance technician will attend and recomission the system.

“Operators will purchase the equipment from Alliance and we also carry out the installation. The exact time required depends on the vehicle, but it is usually between six and eight hours,” adds Mr Haley.

“This product has a lot of unique selling points, principally its longevity and ease of use. A visual inspection of a system pressure gauge is the only routine maintenance requirement.”

Powder discharge nozzles are fitted within the engine bay, along with detection tubing. A cab display can be provided, informing the driver of system status and when discharge has taken place. In trials with two major bus operators, the product has performed well. “Both were very happy with it. It met their expectations.”

The unit is made up of a fire extinguisher-style canister with a patented valve to ensure rapid fire detection and powder discharge. The manufacturer says that chemical dry powder extinguishers perform 40% better than foam or mist systems.

Adds Director Stuart Raikes: “Our commitment to ensuring that customers benefit from relevant, quality technology means we’re selective with the products we develop and the partnerships we form.

“We went out specifically to enhance our range with a fire suppression product and we found a quality system through a partner that shares our ethos.”