Epsom Coaches reunion date set for Saturday 6 November

Epsom Coaches reunion on 6 November 2021

A reunion for former staff of Epsom Coaches and its Quality Line bus division will be held on the evening of Saturday 6 November.

The event will be held in Epsom. Former Managing Director Steve Whiteway has extended an invitation to all former staff to attend, “to celebrate our achievements, wallow in nostalgia and renew our close bond.”

Over 300 people are expected to be present. Full details of the reunion can be obtained via email. Additionally, former employees can visit the Epsom Coaches heritage website, which contains an ever-increasing archive of the history of the company and which is updated with news of the operator’s family around the world, and the Epsom Coaches Group on Facebook.

The business traded for over 97 years before it was shuttered on 25 June 2017, when under the ownership of RATP Dev. It garnered an excellent reputation for the quality of its service, with its maroon and cream coach livery among the best known in the industry.