Freeway defect management app helps to keep buses on the road

Freeway Defect App

Freeway Fleet Systems has developed a software application that is helping to reduce vehicle off road levels and keep buses working.

Called the defect management app, the tool gives engineers instant insight into all defects reported by drivers during first-check inspections. It also allows managers to make informed decisions on how and when to rectify defects.

It means managers can assess the seriousness of a driver-reported defect and whether it needs to be immediately rectified. Real-time information on workshop capacity, available workshop staff, skills and parts allow engineers to self-select work and managers to oversee activity.

“Drivers are obliged to report all defects before they set out and this creates a daily headache for the workshop,” says Freeway Fleet Systems Managing Director Patrick Tandy. “Defects often turn out not to be critical; work that can be done another day or fixed in 10 minutes by a fitter.

“This new defect management feature in Freeway arms management and the workshop with all the information they need to make the best decision and avoid unnecessary delays to getting a vehicle on the road.”

The development comes as part of a new version of Freeway’s fleet maintenance management system. As well as new defect management features the release delivers improved asset visibility, supports offline working, and features additional options such as classifying defect states and the ability to defer defects due to parts or labour shortages. Defects can also be cancelled if no faults are found.

Support for default order items and serialised parts has also been introduced, meaning users can add default order lines for specific suppliers and separate transaction lines and tracking for specific items, delivering a more accurate order process.