GNE champions team members with ‘thank you’ video

Go North East (GNE) thanked its team members last week (15 May) with a video after weeks of praising fellow key workers during the weekly ‘clap for our carers’ activities.

The video was made and edited locally by teams across GNE depots. In it, managers can be heard delivering personal thank you messages, including Managing Director Martijn Gilbert and Operations Director Gary Edmundson alongside depot management, supervisory and other colleagues.

Team members positioned buses to spell out the letters ‘GNE’ this time, and the video includes managers applauding as part of their thank you with other activities still taking place across the region to thank fellow key workers.

Go North East Managing Director Martijn Gilbert delivered the message: “For the past seven weeks, we have come together every Thursday as a team to clap for the NHS and fellow key workers across our region and the rest of the country.

“Tonight we want to clap for you, our key workers, Team GNE – to say thank you for the phenomenal job you’ve been doing day in, day out, to enable us to deliver essential services across our region.

“I am immensely proud of our team’s efforts – some of the spirit that has been shown, some of the great camaraderie, charitable work and most importantly delivering essential services.

“You should be immensely proud of it too, so tonight we say thank you. On behalf of myself and the rest of the GNE management team, we dedicate this clap to you.”