Go North East Discounts: lower fares for young people

Go North East is extending discounted ticketing to everyone aged 25 and under from 8 September.

Young persons can save up to 43% on the equivalent adult all zones ticket prices.

The company says its new eligibility range helps to support those in further education, apprenticeships and early employment.

Meanwhile, the company’s under 19 single journey fare, introduced in 2016 at a price of £1, will go up slightly to £1.20, which it says reflects the rising costs of running buses.

Its other weekly and monthly tickets will be frozen at current prices.

Martijn Gilbert, Managing Director at Go North East, says: “We’re delighted to be extending our discount fares offering to young people aged up to and including 25.

“This improvement enhances the value for money of bus use for young people across the region, supporting their mobility into further education and early employment. Encouraging more low carbon journeys on public transport can help reduce congestion and improve air quality.”

More information about the fares can be found on the Go North East website.