The Mercedes-Benz Citaro hybrid has been approved for Low Emission Bus (LEB) certification, according to EvoBus (UK), increasing total cost of ownership savings.

The manufacturer reveals operators using scheduled services which are LEB eligible can now enjoy a saving of up to £3,000 in operational expenses per annum per vehicle, based on an average of 50,000km (approx. 31,000 miles), depending on the pence per kilometre rate granted by region.

In addition to being in scope for government grants, EvoBus reveals the Citaro hybrid through “smart energy recuperation and storage” already delivers up to 8.5% fuel consumption saving over a Euro VI diesel Citaro. Outlay is kept low by using proven components shared with Mercedes-Benz trucks and passenger cars.

“Low fuel consumption, low emissions, and now, lower operational costs. The Mercedes-Benz Citaro hybrid already delivers leading-edge efficiency to operators, and to passengers, an even higher standard of refinement with noticeably lower noise from the powertrain,” a spokesperson says. “The significantly lower exhaust emissions are a benefit to everyone.”

The hybrid module supports the Mercedes-Benz OM 936 Euro VI diesel engine and comes with a 14 kW “self-charging” electric motor which regenerates energy when coasting and braking. The hybrid module helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions by supporting the engine when starting and accelerating.