National Express’s high-tech safety drive commended

National Express has won high praise from industry experts for rolling out new technology to increase road safety.

The UK’s largest coach operator was ‘highly commended’ by judges at the London Transport Awards in the Excellence in Technology category for its use of the high-tech Lytx DriveCam video capture system.

Last year National Express UK Coach made a significant investment to roll the system out across its entire fleet of more than 550 coaches, in a bid to increase passenger and third-party road user safety.

Lytx DriveCam works by mounting a video camera on the windscreen which continuously monitors traffic activity and the drivers' actions.

If it senses an event such as a hard manoeuvre, collision or near collision, it records footage which is then uploaded and expertly analysed to be used as evidence and to improve driver behaviour. 

In trials, National Express saw a significant reduction in event frequency and near collisions, as a result of employing the pioneering system.

Judges on the awarding panel said National Express was ‘leading the way’ in its investment in Lytx Drivecam and that the safety has ‘generated impressive results’, commenting: “The technology improves the safety of drivers, passengers and other road users in an aid to reducing collisions and significant near misses by use of skill improvement.”

National Express Coach Managing Director Chris Hardy said: “We are pleased to receive this commendation from the London Transport Awards for deploying DriveCam across the fleet.

“Safety is our number one priority and we constantly seek new ways to improve both passengers and other road users’ safety. DriveCam is an amazing piece of technology with a proven track record which makes it a superb solution for our vehicles.”