Stagecoach and Anslow to meet in court

Stagecoach and Phil Anslow & Sons Coaches are set to meet in court in Cardiff on 3 May, in a dispute over bus stand allocation at Cwmbran.

It comes after Anslow claimed that Stagecoach is acting anti-competitively, by “stitching up access” to stands. Stagecoach has accused Anslow of “Trespassing” on bus stands it had reserved.

The shopping centre and bus station are owned by Prudential. Stagecoach has leased seven of the eight stands, leaving one stand for other local operators.

Last year Stagecoach sued Anslow for using its stands without permission. Anslow responded with a competition lawsuit alleging that the allocation is based on an “illegal and anticompetitive agreement that preserves Stagecoach’s dominance.”

Stagecoach says it doesn’t control how the stands are allocated, and that it had gone through the “proper process” to apply for stand space “just like any other operator.”

Both sides had paused litigation to explore a potential settlement, but this has now ended, with a court case scheduled. Prudential is also a party to the litigation.