Newport Transport orders two Yutong U11DD ’deckers

Newport Transport orders two Yutong U11DD battery electric double deckers

Newport Transport has become the first UK customer to commit to the forthcoming Yutong battery-electric double-decker bus, now known as the U11DD. The South Wales municipal signed an order at Euro Bus Expo for two examples to be delivered in mid-2023. 

In completing the deal, Newport Transport has taken to 50 the number of Yutong battery-electric vehicles it has either already received or has on order. 32 E10 and E12 single-decker buses are in service and 12 more are due soon. Four TCe12 battery-electric coaches have also been ordered recently for 2023 delivery.

Presently Yutong is carrying out durability testing on a UK-specification U11DD in China. Once that is complete, it will construct a demonstrator for supplier Pelican Bus and Coach in addition to the two for Newport Transport. 

As already revealed, the U11DD will have 385kW/h of battery capacity and the same driveline as the established E10 and E12 models. It leverages existing double-decker knowledge from markets in China and Singapore, and like the two single-deckers, the U11DD will be able to accept twin high-powered DC CCS2 connections for rapid charging. 

Speaking about the order, Newport Bus Managing Director Scott Pearson says that good service from the existing Yutong fleet was a factor in the decision, as was the support received from Pelican. “We are confident in Yutong’s ability to build the double-decker and in Pelican’s ability to support it,” says Mr Pearson. 

Adds Head of Yutong Sales Ian Downie: “We are delighted to continue our relationship with Newport Bus with this latest agreement. It was the first UK operator to both order and take delivery of production Yutong battery-electric buses.”