Like road transport vehicles, most buses and vans are now equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to be fully compliant with emission regulations. The SCR catalyst needs AdBlue or other urea solutions to function.  

OptiSpray is developed and patented by Yara – the world’s largest producer of AdBlue – specifically for applications and instances where engines operate intermittently. OptiSpray prevents deposit formation in the SCR system. Based on 32.5% urea solution, it conforms to the purity specifications of the ISO 22241 standard for AdBlue 

Deposit formation can occur in SCR systems when engines are idling, running at low average speed and/or with a high number of stop/starts. Agricultural and construction machinery and other low engine load applications are particularly exposed to this. Deposit build-up may in turn lead to blockages and ultimately engine failure.  

With a low concentration (<0.05%) of surfactant additive, OptiSpray will help preventing deposit build-up and therefore no adverse effects on the SCR catalyst. This reduces maintenance costs and minimises downtime, resulting in more cost effective and efficient operations.  

OptiSpray has been tested in various conditions and at low exhaust temperatures. The product demonstrated a reduction in deposit formation in all tests, and all field test results demonstrated problem free operation. The vehicles that were tested previously used ordinary AdBlue, and had experienced SCR back-pressure alarms at unacceptable intervals.  

“We have a number of customers that had experienced issues with a build-up of deposits within their equipment’s SCR system before starting to use OptiSpray, causing their vehicle to be taken out of service and requiring costly maintenance and down-time as a result. Since using OptiSpray they have all experienced reductions in deposit formation and associated issues. Order and customer numbers are increasing each month as the OptiSpray message spreads through the farming and plant equipment communities,” advises Kristian Reeve, OptiSpray Account Manager at Yara.

Ed Morley, Workshop Manager of Mervyn Lambert states: “We have trialled a range of AdBlue solutions for plant equipment working within a low temperature load application and found that none compare to OptiSpray. The nature of the environment is that the machines rarely work to their maximum and so can encounter issues with their after-treatment systems. OptiSpray all but eliminates this and provides a cost effective solution.”

OptiSpray is ideal for low engine-load fleets, or those operating in cold conditions. Even so, it can also be used with SCR vehicles operating with high engine loads and long distances. You will not need to use two separate urea solution products in mixed engine load fleets, OptiSpray will cover all your needs.