PSV O-Licence processing times slump in 2018

Processing times for PSV O-Licence applications grew in 2018, data shows

Data released by the Traffic Commissioners shows that the time taken for the processing of PSV O-Licence applications increased significantly in 2018.

In the 12 months to December, the average time taken to process an application that did not require a Public Inquiry (PI) was 71.81 working days, compared to 50.40 working days for the same period in 2017 – an rise of 42.5%.

For those applications that did require a PI, the average time taken for processing was 144.21 working days, compared to 128.21 working days in 2017 – an increase of 12.5%.

The times taken to process goods applications grew by 9.4% where no PI was required, and 32.7% where one was.

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