RTI open data can now be imported to Omnibus

Real-world experience can be utilised by OmniTimes Cloud to deliver highly-robust timetables, it says

OmniTimes Cloud is the first in a range of cloud-based Omnibus products

Passenger transport operational software specialist Omnibus has launched OmniTimes Cloud, the first in a new line of cloud-based products.

It builds on the existing successful OmniTimes package. For the first time, it is able to use open data real-time information (RTI) sources to extract actual running times, which Omnibus says results in much more robust timetables that are based on realistic in-service experience.

“OmniTimes Cloud builds on the successful, market-leading timetable editor designed for the complexities of the UK market,” says MD Peter Crichton.

The product has been completely redesigned to retain OmniTimes’ user-friendly aspects, but with the addition of further capabilities such as import of RTI data. Mr Crichton adds that OmniTimes Cloud’s real-time acceptance will soon be extended to the capture of data generated by ticket machines.

Other developments with OmniTimes Cloud include new, powerful timetable modelling tools that allow the operator to rapidly explore options, including rapid prototyping based on either frequency or number of vehicles.

Additionally, OmniTimes Cloud is compatible with many other industry systems and data can be exported via a seamless transfer process. “All of this is backed up by support that our users have told us is second-to-none,” says Mr Crichton.

The next product to be launched in Cloud form will be OmniDAS, a driver and vehicle management system.