Scania Go launched as premium late used platform

Scania Go premium used vehicle platform launched

Scania is aiming to redefine the marketplace for late used commercial vehicles – including coaches and buses – with its Scania Go concept that, the company says, majors on flexibility.

It “is a specific new proposition that will deliver several guarantees,” says Scania (Great Britain) Marketing Director Paul Smith. Scania Go captures vehicles that are up to five years old and have covered a maximum of 550,000km. He adds that Scania Go has been two years in the making and represents a “major overhaul of how we market and sell used vehicles.”

The new platform is built around a set of guarantees to the customer in what Paul describes as representing “a very bold move.” However, he notes that while the used market in Scania’s core truck segment is stronger than it has been for a long time owing to difficulties in the new vehicle supply chain, Scania Go has been conceived as a long-term proposition.

It is also concerned with protecting the residual values of the vehicles that Scania Go will process. “Customers need them to be worth more and we need them to be worth more,” says Paul.

Each vehicle that comes under the new umbrella will be supported by a set of what Scania describes as “flexible benefits,” although two of those will apply to trucks only. Preparation will see all vehicles in the programme receive “an improved and rigorous over 300-point mechanical and cosmetic inspection, including a test drive.

Customers will be able to tailor maintenance requirements via a “pick and mix” offering that includes an R&M contract proposition or a service package. Scania Financial Services will provide a range of funding solutions. Those include hire purchase, finance lease and operating lease.

Scania Go launched by Scania as premium used platform
The new platform captures vehicles that are up to five years old and have covered no more than 550,000kms

Also part of Scania Go is a 30-day replacement guarantee. If the vehicle develops a mechanical or electrical fault within that time, the customer can exchange it for a like-for-like replacement. If none is available, a refund will be made.

A 24/7 mobility guarantee for the first 30 days of ownership that includes a compensation payment structure is also part of the new product.

Scania says that such an offering “will ensure that customers are not without a vehicle should it break down at the roadside and cannot be fixed within 24 hours.”

Under the mobility guarantee arrangement, a loan vehicle, or up to £250 for coach and bus customers, will be provided for each day the customer’s vehicle is off the road.

Scania Go is headlined with an ‘arrowhead’ brand. In addition to a dedicated website, an app can be used to search stock.