Senior TC launches driver conduct hearing review

Senior Traffic Commissioner (STC) Richard Turfitt has launched a review of the statutory guidance on driver conduct.

It proposes several changes. One is that a TC may still hold a conduct hearing if the driver does not attend without prior notice.

Currently, drivers may be given two opportunities to attend even if they fail to notify the TC of their intention not to come to the first scheduled hearing. The change will allow refusal or revocation of a licence at the first hearing should the driver fail to make contact beforehand.

It is usual for a TC to grant an adjournment for the first scheduled hearing if there is enough justification, although even when such a request is made, the case may still be considered if the driver is viewed as presenting a significant risk to road safety.

Additionally, the consultation proposes that abusive behaviour or intimidation of officials will lead to a TC considering fitness to hold vocational entitlement, making the guidance consistent with another statutory document.

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