Heavy duty vehicle lift supplier Stertil Koni has been awarded a preferred global supplier contract by Scania for the next three years, a move which it says will help the vehicle manufacturer transition to more sustainable operations.

The agreement covers the supply of mobile column vehicle lift models ST 1075 and ST 1085, rated at 7,500kg and 8,500kg per column respectively, with up to 32 columns in a single configuration alongside other lift accessories.

The lifts use the supplier’s ‘ebright’ smart control system, which uses a seven inch touch screen control and offers monitoring and diagnostics information.

Stertil Koni brings over 35 years of experience in vehicle lifts and equipment from its Kootsterille base in the Netherlands. It claims its ‘eco-engineered’ lift solutions are built to be environmentally conscious and that the partnership reveals Scania’s strategy and shared vision for growth based on electrification of its range.

“Our suppliers are vital for us to be able to drive the shift towards more sustainable transport systems,” says Pehr Andersson, Sourcing Manager at Scania Group. “Stertil Koni has all the right attributes to help us on this journey and look forward to a long and successful relationship.”

Adds Global Sales Manager at Stertil Koni Feike-Jan Bergstra: “Signing this contract with Scania is great recognition for us as the global leading heavy-duty vehicle lift brand. Scania’s purpose is to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system. Stertil Koni connects perfectly with this throughout our complete product range and by setting the green standard in lifting technology.”

Scania Citywide LF, C-series BEV
The partnership helps represent Scania’s commitment to electrification in its range