Three new buses launched on Salisbury Reds activ8 route

Salisbury Reds activ8

Three new Alexander Dennis (ADL) Enviro400 MMC double-deck buses have been introduced to Wiltshire and Hampshire, Salisbury Reds has announced.

The buses will ply the activ8 route between Salisbury and Andover. They represent over £500,000 in a wider investment towards sustainable transport begun before coronavirus COVID-19.

Managing Director Andrew Wickham says: “One positive to come from the past three months is that the area’s congestion has greatly reduced.

“This is a chance for us to build on that. We want to encourage travel on sustainable transport once the government eases lockdown and we return to something close to normality.”

The buses offer additional comfort through ‘coach’ style seats, tables on the upper deck, USB charging points and contactless payment facilities.