Transdev trials fare-capped contactless

Fares will be capped as soon as daily or weekly ticket price is reached

Transdev is trialling contactless fare capping on buses.

It means customers can ‘tap and go’ in London’s Oyster style, and travel will be free once they have reached a set fare.

It will speed up bus journey times, as customers can tap on and off without asking for a specific ticket type.

Transdev successfully bid for £50,000 from Transport for the North’s ‘Innovation Initiative’ to fund the trials, which are running on all routes from its York and Malton depots.

As a thank-you to volunteers, Transdev is giving away a free week’s travel to those taking part in the trial.

Transdev CEO Alex Hornby says: “Our customers will be able to tap in and tap out and not worry that they are paying the wrong fare – they will be able to keep going and stop paying, as we’ll cap the amount spent as soon as they reach the best value day or weekly ticket price.

“It’s really important that our customers help us with their feedback before its widespread introduction too, as we lead into a successful launch that we believe will take down a potential barrier to bus travel for new users, while making our buses even easier to use for our current customers.”